Are you a principal struggling with supporting your students from trauma?

Does This Describe Your School?

You need a way to identify which students in your school have trauma or grief that needs addressing.

You want a way to bond your staff and have them know step-by-step how to create meaningful relationships with each of their students.

You need concrete actions to support the behavioral issues students exhibit, yet are sensitive to students’ trauma.

You need support in helping teachers adjust their teaching to strategies that align with the way trauma changes students’ brain structures.

Then you are looking to create a Trauma-Embracing School.

You know that trauma gets in the way of students learning and thriving. What if each of your teachers had the concrete skills and practices at their fingertips to address students’ academic and behavioral struggles and create Trauma-Embracing classrooms?

Hi, I’m Jessie. I help principals create supportive classrooms for students from trauma.

I can teach your teachers and staff:

  • Step-by-step relationship building in the classroom starting day one.

  • Curriculum adjustments for every subject and grade level that work for student brains altered by trauma.

  • Whole-school Trauma-Embracing practices and systems that support the whole child.

Not sure if you are the kind of school I work with?