Hi, I’m Jessie, a Whole-School Intervention Specialist. I’m a veteran teacher with a PhD in how students think, what makes teachers tick, and the magical actions administrators need to take to make their schools the best places to work and learn. My mission is to help everyone in a school building feel seen, heard, and equipped with the tools and motivation to achieve. I know why students fail, why staff members stall out, and why administrators fail to connect and motivate. What’s my secret? I know that the problem isn’t what it looks like on the outside. The problem is something else entirely. I can help.

Trauma-Informed a good idea but doesn’t translate to classroom practices? There’s a whole new world in practical application you likely haven’t tried.

PBIS a good idea but hated by your teachers? There’s a better way.

Restorative Practices a beautiful dream but too cumbersome to be applied regularly? Let’s keep only what truly works and make it a sustainable practice.

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