Is This Your School?

Do your students from trauma need practical, school-wide solutions?

For Title 1 Schools:

  • Do you know that your students have a lot of trauma in their lives but you need a systematic way to address that student trauma?

  • Are truancy rates too high?

  • Are suspension rates too high?

  • Do some students spend more time in the office than in class?

  • Are behaviors out of control?

  • Do student/ teacher relationships need improvement overall?

  • Are some students not making any academic progress?

For High-Achieving, High-Income Area Schools:

  • Do you have a problem with bullying?

  • Are drugs and alcohol an issue for students?

  • Do you have parents who are too involved or not involved enough in students’ well-being?

  • Are students being tutored to pass in key classes that otherwise many would fail?

  • Are too-large numbers of students being treated for anxiety or depression?

And how to get your staff on board?

  • Did you inherit a divided or divisive staff?

  • Have you brought your passion, your compassion, and your best motivating face to staff interaction (IE: you’ve been Leading Like a Pirate) and yet there are big issues that still need to be addressed in your school….and even with all your work on relationships, you are dreading those conversations?

  • Do you want to make real change at your school, but getting every staff member to work together to implement any program feels impossible?

  • Do teachers regularly have “meeting after the meeting” sessions?

Click on My Approach for a Trauma-Embracing take on all of these issues:

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