Let’s be honest: Most academic interventions, especially at the upper elementary, middle, and high schools, fail to provide systems that address academic skill gaps rather than widen them. It’s like trying to clean up an oil spill while the well it still pumping…..Despite interventions, students keep failing more classes.

Likewise, we cannot reach students who are not present. We also cannot teach students when their behaviors interfere. Become a detective with me in identifying and addressing root causes of academic, attendance, and behavioral issues. So many programs have a piece of the puzzle but bog down the real gem of application in minutiae. And all of these programs and one-and-done curriculums aren’t requiring administrators and teachers to look at the real issues. The clues are in front of us, we just have to set aside old ideas of what the problem is and start addressing the real issue.

It’s time to see students engaged in classes again, thriving in academics despite prior learning gaps, and attending school regularly. It’s time to have students care for one another because they see that value modeled in every aspect of their school. Create a culture of belonging. Contact me to find out how.

I offer whole-school assessments, workshops, and follow-up coaching on systematic, practical solutions to:

  • Completing gaps in students’ academic knowledge

  • Addressing the real issue in chronic absenteeism

  • Creating classroom and whole-school cultures of care and belonging.