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Why is getting your story out in the world so important? This is my reason for writing and publishing:

My friend Genyne wrote historical mystery lesbian romance novels. They were as fabulous as they sound. She opened her home to the writing group I belonged to. She fed us. She scolded us over grammar and plot mix-ups and phrasing. She wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion, and we ate up her love.

My friend, Ethel, was from the Bronx. Her thick accent and thicker glasses were just the beginning of her unforgettable personality. She wrote about her family’s flight to the U.S. amid the backdrop of German concentration camps. Most arrived safely at their new home, and listening to Ethel recount her childhood took me to a world that was only known through Ethel’s eyes.

Gynene was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2013. She moved across the country to live with her sister. I last saw her when she and a friend visited her old friends in California. I didn’t know it was her farewell tour.

Ethel published her memoirs, “Snapshots and a Bagel” a few years ago. At her book launch, the local bookstore was packed with friends, family, and book lovers. Oh, and Isabel Allende introduced her. Onstage, Ethel told stories of people who had had an impact on her life and her work with daycares for the economically disadvantaged in Marin county. She signed the books stacked high on a table at the back. The room glowed with love.

Genyne and Ethel died on the same morning of the same day: One on the West coast, one on the East coast. Ethel’s book is in the world. Genyne’s beautiful work is not. David Whyte wrote that when someone dies, we also miss the way they loved what they loved. Genyne loved my writing group and me in a particular manner that was all her own. She loved her characters in a manner that made her work glow. I miss Ethel. I miss Genyne.

What stories do you have inside that want to find a home in the world? Bite sized memoirs is based on the trajectory of my book.

  1. First, I joined a writing workshop based on narrative non-fiction.
  2. As a result of that class, I wrote down a bite-sized story I would tell to a friend…“You’ll never guess what happened…”
  3. That story became a chapter.
  4. I realized that I had a few more related stories to tell, so I wrote those down and shared them in a writing group too.
  5. And then an interesting thing happened: The more I wrote, the more I found I had to write about.

My novel Can be found here.  And I know that Genyne and Ethel played a huge role in bringing my novel into the world. With love.

Ethel Seiderman – Snapshots and a Bagel

Saturday, February 20, 2016 – 4:00pm

In conversation with Isabel Allende

From BookPassage’s website:

“Snapshots and a Bagel is a collection of stories and photos, mostly focused on growing up in the Bronx and on the significant influences that span a lifetime and shape a life. Ethel Seiderman’s prose is gutsy, colorful, and presented with love, gratitude, and a wholesome sense of pride.”