“Jessie Dorin’s Workshop on ACEs was one of the best we could have ever provided our staff.  Not only did our staff learn tools to uncover hidden trauma in the classroom, they walked out of the training with tangible strategies they could begin to use with students on the first day of school.  Given the heavy topic, Jessie made it fun, interactive and very real by providing a safe environment where staff could be vulnerable.  Jessie herself led by example walking the talk the entire way.


After having worked with this staff for five years, this is by far the best training we have ever brought in, not only because of the content, but because of the way Jessie was able to bond our staff through their stories.  We’ve never had a more successful start to a school year and connected staff.  Thank you Jessie for this valuable training that we can use to help our students, but also for bringing us together under a common goal.”


Alex Clauson


Saltar’s Point Elementary


Laurie Vallieres

Assistant Principal

Saltar’s Point Elementary

Testimonials for Workshop: “Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Student Trauma/ACEs”