Students are returning to school after a major traumatic event. Some families lost jobs and some families lost family members. Some stress in homes made homes unsafe for students. Some students suffered major depression. What do we as educators do to start helping students to heal?

Featured Workshop

Coming Back to School After COVID: A Trauma-Embracing Art and Writing Activity for the Classroom

Coming Back to School After COVID includes a Trauma-Embracing classroom activity that allows K-12 students to safely share their quarantine year–traumas, highlights, and everything in-between–with their teachers. This start–of-year activity embodies all aspects of a Trauma-Embracing classroom: Setting the tone in the class, creating a safe space to share, scripts for what the teacher can say, handouts for students, and scripts for post-activity.

In this workshop, teachers will experience this classroom activity for themselves, including how art can make heavy topics feel lighter and even fun. Teachers will learn how to introduce the activity so that students feel comfortable sharing anything hard. Teachers are also given a script for what to say when students reveal trauma and how to follow up with students after a counseling referral–without taking much time from their days or feeling like they are being asked to be counselors themselves.

This workshop creates an opportunity for teacher-student bonding, for traumas to be addressed immediately, and for everyone in a classroom to feel seen and heard.

Other Workshops:

Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Student Trauma in the Classroom

A workshop series to transform every classroom into a Trauma-Embracing classroom.

“This class has been so enlightening. It will not only change my teaching practice, but will change how I handle relationships. It has also given me the privilege to learn about my co-workers in an authentic, emotional, healing, joyous way!” 

-Lavonne Uriarte, 4th grade teacher

Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Student Trauma is a workshop series designed to fit into your staff meeting schedule. Each workshop takes your staff through an experiential activity that can be used with students in the classroom.

This series covers: How trauma affects students’ brains and bodies, adapting curriculum to work with traumatized brains, positive discipline practices for students from trauma, practical classroom strategies to divert student meltdowns, prompts and scripts to uncover hidden student trauma.

What staff will experience between workshop sessions is how much Trauma-Embracing strategies work for all students in a classroom and how much more connection and joy there is between students and teachers.

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“Now more than ever, schools need to promote student mental health and well-being, which impacts both readiness to learn and the ability to benefit from learning opportunities. It is essential that schools focus on helping children develop the skills to cope, recover from adversity, and be prepared for challenges. Jessie Dorin has been a key element to our district work in creating environments that support the social and emotional needs of our students by recognizing the power of school connectedness.  Jessie’s training provided our staff with a message of hope and specific strategies to foster safe, supportive and inclusive learning environments.”

-Kathy Weight, Superintendent, Steilacoom Historical School District

“After having worked with this staff for five years, this is by far the best training we have ever brought in, not only because of the content, but because of the way Jessie was able to bond our staff through their stories. We’ve never had a more successful start to a school year and connected staff. Thank you Jessie for this valuable training that we can use to help our students, but also for bringing us together under a common goal.”   

 -Alex Clauson, Principal    Saltar’s Point Elementary

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