2. My Hero’s Journey Life Map

This is an opportunity to get to know EVERYTHING IMPORTANT about your students at the start of the school year (or anytime). This is different from other life maps because you are limiting the number of events to the students’ birth, one low point, and 3 successes.

The students’ birth story tells you a lot about who was there, where the student was born, and who is not in the student’s life now.

Limiting the Low Point to one event (some students wish to and do write about more than 1 event) means that the student’s pain point is what they will tell you about.

Asking students to write about 3 successes is important because it emphasizes their self-efficacy. They are capable. They have done great things and they will do great things again. Some students have a hard time with this and need me to help them brainstorm.

I always go over MY life map to model sharing out, including one low point. I NEVER ask students to share their life maps with classmates. I ALWAYS check in with students to talk about what they put on their life maps.

Directions for Hero’s Journey Life Map Poster: Telling your OWN story

In this quarter, we will read stories that people wrote to get their own experiences, viewpoints, and life characters out into the world. Everyone has a story to tell because everyone is the hero in their own story and has life events that shape who they are. Our own life events challenge us, delight us, make us sad, and ultimately all of those experiences allow us to gain wisdom and become more advanced as human beings. Hopefully, at many points along the way, we find our unique talents and personality can be used to make the world a better place. 

Directions: On the poster paper provided, map out and describe your own life journey so far. Think about the life events that have shaped you.

  • Include your birth and write 3 sentences about it: Where, when, and what can you say about your parents at that time? 
  • The journey of a hero is about obstacles in your path and triumphing despite obstacles. Describe 3 triumphs along your journey. Write about EACH triumph in 3 sentences. 
  • The journey of a hero is also about low points and finding a way through those low points. Describe 1 event that was a hardship or sad. Write about that hardship in 3 sentences. Label that section: Low Point.
  • Provide one image for EACH of your 5 life journey events.

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