I offer professional development for teachers ready to put connection with students and student wellness at the top of their priorities, making the classroom once more a safe space for teachers, students, and, well, humans.

The antidote for bad PD includes acknowledging the vast experiences and talents that teachers already possess and demonstrate in the classroom and providing practical strategies that address their most pressing needs. I focus on practical strategies to enhance teachers’ experiences and students’ learning by focusing first on the needs of teachers and students as people. Safe teacher vulnerability helps students to understand that perfection isn’t the goal–connection and growth is.

Professional Development workshops offered: 

  • The workshop, “Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Student Trauma:”
    • Empowers classroom teachers with specialized ice-breakers as well as guidelines for teacher vulnerability that build true connections between students, teachers, and peers. These compassion-building exercises are based on Brene Brown’s work on connection and vulnerability. We look at examples and non-examples for activities and ice-breakers that bring classroom communities together.
    • Provides a tiered system of ready-to-use prompts, complimentary to all content areas, enabling students to safely express anything that might be troubling them. We also look at examples and non-examples of safe prompts.
    • Supports teachers with guidelines for when to talk through, refer out, or simply acknowledge students’ emotional distress. This includes how to become a better partner with counselors and/ or Wellness Centers, and how and when to talk with parents in a way that places parents in the role of vital partners and allies.
    • Connects student self-efficacy with a teacher’s ability to notice what makes a student “tick” and supplies strategies for teachers to foster student identity and self-expression. This leads to students having a greater sense of authenticity, resiliency, and self-determination.
  • The Workshop “Differentiation begins with your Ladder:” How to attach bottom rungs on the curriculum ladder so that all kids can step on (ELL, special education, and struggling students) without creating 32 different lesson plans. (Based on the Growth Mindset research, research on grit, and Social Emotional Learning).
  • Life Coaching for Schools: I help teachers, administrators, and support staff get “unstuck” in their careers, relationships with students, relationships with administrators, and relationships with teachers and support staff.

For more information, email: JessieDorinCoaching@gmail.com