Uncovering and Addressing HIDDEN Student Trauma

Teachers, Counselors, and Parents will Learn:

What HIDDEN trauma is and why it affects the long-term health and well-being of a student over their LIFETIME.

How HIDDEN trauma affects students’ brain development and learning.

How to COUNSEL or TEACH students with Hidden Trauma so that students can finally learn and catch up with their peers.

How to quickly uncover Hidden trauma whether you are a PARENT, COUNSELOR, or TEACHER.

What to SAY to students who REVEAL Hidden trauma.

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT (that actually works) with student trauma in mind.

Why BULLYING PREVENTION should always be viewed through a Hidden Trauma lens.

SUICIDE PREVENTION and what it has to do with HIDDEN student trauma.

Supporting students with ASD and ADHD, matching BRAIN research and teaching strategies.

Student alcohol and drug abuse prevention.

Alleviating student stress in HIGH-ACHIEVING schools

Supporting students who STRUGGLE ACADEMICALLY through teaching in ways that students from trauma learn best.

HIDDEN trauma in English Language Learners and what to DO about it so that students excel.

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