From the back jacket copy:

Sometimes It looks Like That is a hilarious and tender year-in-the-life of a teacher and her students at a last chance high school. Ava Llewellyn, 29, moves to San Francisco in an attempt to press the reset button on her life. But this small-town teacher is a fish out of water in her new teaching position and multicultural city. She’s unprepared for how to respond when a student’s essay declares that he wants to be the “best raper in the Bay Area,” what to do when the students she takes on a field trip shoplift most of the gift shop, and how precarious it is to fall in love with students whose lives are nothing like the “hicks from the sticks” she grew up with. Add a Nyqil addiction and an ex who keeps showing up at her door, and Ava’s headed for another crash and burn. Cue the best friend, the shaman, and the bipolar cowboy. Ava is a reluctant spiritual warrior, but unless she can make her “one wild and precious life” matter, she won’t be able to help her students assert that their lives matter either.

Jessie Dorin taught for 12 years in continuation high schools in San Francisco. She thought that 10 years of that experience condensed into a composite, one-year timeframe might make an interesting story. At the very least, she’d get the pleasure of writing into fiction people she deeply cares about. Jessie lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Franklin, and their daughters, Lilah Sky and Lucy True.

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