Life Coaching: 

Life Coaching for the busy professional, the stay-at-home mom, and everyone in-between.


  • Feel stuck?
  • Does something in your life suck right now?
  • Interested in trying out new patterns, starting with wiping the slate clean of thoughts that aren’t serving you anymore?

Life coaching is about living life from where you are now and moving forward. I help you get unstuck. I help you work though what sucks so you don’t stay there and can move forward into a life that feels better everyday from the inside out.

  • I coach over the phone, so you can walk the dog, sit in your jammies, or eat ice cream in the closet while we talk.
  • I listen for clues while we talk, both in the content of what you say and, especially, when your voice changes and indicates we’re on the right track.
  • Sessions are $75 an hour.
  • I am available on weekends only.

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