Hi, I’m Jessie. Originally from Idaho, I’m a National Board certified high school English teacher with a Masters in Education. I have almost 2 decades of experience working in classrooms with students from trauma. 12 of those years included working in Trauma-Embracing schools, helping to develop behavioral, academic, and attendance intervention practices and creating and implementing Trauma-Embracing, therapeutic curriculum materials.

I am a trained facilitator of  Restorative Practices. I also have training in:

  • Supporting grieving children and families
  • Identifying and addressing discrimination in grief, such as the disenfranchised and suffocated grief children of color can experience.
  • How to support all children through traumatic events.

I first started teaching Trauma-Embracing classroom strategies in 2015 when I was an adjunct faculty member in Loyola Marymount’s Graduate School of Education, teaching preservice teachers. In 2017, I co-taught a course at Touro University’s Graduate School of Education on Response to Intervention strategies for special education students. That course also included a component on uncovering and addressing hidden student trauma.

Now I teach schools and districts how to detect Hidden Student Trauma, address it effectively, and adapt curriculum and school practices to account for trauma-induced changes in students’ brains and physiology. I have spent the past 6 years training K-12 schools, school districts, and teacher education programs on Uncovering and Addressing Hidden Student Trauma in classrooms. These trainings have included professional-development workshops, in-service full-day trainings, presentations, and a keynote speech. 

In the past 6 years, I have created and presented workshop series and presentations on Trauma-Embracing Classroom Strategies for:

  • Marin County Office of Education
  • Steilacoom Historical School District
  • Almira School District
  • Moraga School District
  • Touro University Graduate School of Education: Guest Lecturer
  • Loyola Marymount University Graduate School of Education:  Guest lecturer

I was the Keynote Speaker on Hidden Student Trauma for Steilacoom Historical School District’s 2018 school year kick-off.

When I’m not teaching or training about Trauma, I’m getting schooled by my two lively daughters, ages 4 and 7. While writing and gardening are hobbies that I enjoy, I’m still trying my best to make meditation stick.

You can find an article I’ve written on Hidden Student Trauma for The National Council of Teachers of English’s Blog here: https://ncte.org/blog/2018/01/wild-horses-black-holes-original-medicine/

I also work for the wonderful SEL curriculum and parent and staff training organization, Bay School Counselor.