Mom’s IEP and Behavior Plan During COVID-19

Mom’s IEP and Behavior Plan During COVID-19

  1. I will not use my outside voice when I am inside with my children if I have another voice available to me at the time. 
  1. I will not lose my sanity, composure, or my shit when my child’s teacher is clearly losing theirs by providing so many assignments, websites, and videos for me (I mean my kid) to decipher and complete. Instead, on 4 out of 5 days I will have compassion for the teacher, knowing that teachers are feeling pressured by the unknown as well. I will help my child with 2 of all potential subjects (block schedule) on the days I‘m feeling it. On days I’m not feeling it, we will do what is kind and loving. 
  1. I will take frequent breaks as needed.
  1. I will remember that I am a mom–not a principal, teacher, aide, cafeteria worker, recess monitor, janitor, or counselor. Though I am taking on all roles, there is a whole team missing and it’s okay to to feel that loss, take a break, and put on the TV for the kids.
  1. I will ask for help from my children and my spouse. 
  1. When I am not able to control my attitude, I will take a time out and I will apologize when I am calm. This may happen 5 out of 5 days.

Suggested Homeschool Schedule: 

6:30–9:30 Wake up and process anything.

9:30–4:30: Do what feels good, right, and loving.

4:31: Clock out (just kidding!). Use the big cup for Mom’s special drink. 

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